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My fish dude looks like a #kawaii #Kpop star.

Spring cleaning! Found this #bubblegum #plush #prototype I made 4 years ago. It was pretty big. #dango 🍡 is there for comparison

From #sketch to #vector. Some random #character portraits tonight and testing out #color palettes. ✌️🌟🎨

#cute little 🍋 lemon rubber #stamp. Totally inspired by Kate Spades new summer collection 😍

#Cake!!!! Makes all things better. Happiest of #birthday to @passivesoul ✌️🎂🍰

#kahlua gave free #shots and shotglassed tonight and we were like OK! @passivesoul


Got a copy of Yen Press’ lovely hardcover omnibus edition of Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki today.

I was surprised to discover that it’s not a prose novel version of the story, but a full-length manga adaptation of Mamoru Hosoda’s award-winning anime feature film about a young woman who meets a man who is really a wolf, and what she goes through to raise two children who are both human and wolf.

Yen Press’ edition of Wolf Children: Ami and Yuki is really nicely presented. It’s in a slip-covered hardbound book that’s over 500 pages of comics content (the equivalent of 3 separate volumes as it was presented in the Japanese edition), crisp and airy illustrations by Yu, including several full color splash pages + character sketches, along with some commentary by director Mamoru Hosoda (director of Summer Wars).

I have seen the movie before, and can pretty much say that this is a faithful adaptation of the film. It’s has a sweet, slice-of-life mood mixed with some heart-breaking and heart-warming moments. The art is nicely done, and while not drawn by character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (who also draws the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga published by VIZ Media), it’s close enough to the look and feel of the anime to make it a nice companion or a stand-alone graphic novel that can be enjoyed by readers age 10 and up, and perhaps even readers who normally aren’t hardcore manga/anime fans.

Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki by Mamoru Hosoda and Yu will hit stores on March 25, 2014. It’s got a cover price of $25.99, which is not bad for a book that is as nicely presented as this one is. Do check it out at your local bookshop, comics shop or online bookstore.

You can watch the trailer of the anime at FUNimation’s dedicated site for this film - http://www.wolfchildrenmovie.com/

You can also order the film on DVD or Blu-Ray/DVD combo — it’s really a lovely film that’s worth watching.

Got some new #craft #rubberstamps in. Will update them in the shop this week. ✌️#kappa #squid is my fav.

Kawaii Kappa Necklace. Available now at www.merryhappystudios.com

Testing out graphix brand #shrink plastic. #Color came out pretty good but there’s a weird texture on it.

#haul from the @Fab warehouse sale today! #washitape #snowwhite #teaset #pencil case. Also got a freebie #steampunk bicycle playing card set 💖💖

Hello tumblr,

My dango plushie is now available for sale at shanalogic.com. It’s in good company, selling alongside a ton of talented indie artist. :3 Go check it out!



These chowder/stew #Cheetos are weird tasting. Like superficial corn

#success poster model. #fistpump #airjumps

These #street performers in #Boston sure do like heights… (at Faneuil Hall Marketplace)